Carabram 2023 - Award - July 7-9 2023

Carabram 2023 - Content - July 7-9 2023

EVENT - CODE - CARABRAM2023 - July 7-9 - Carabram
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Carabram 2023 - OMNI TV Content - July 7-9 2023

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BollyClub Presentation

BollyClub Presentation 2, a one-stop platform for immigrants with versatile talents, came into existence with the sole mission to support our community to overcome their struggles in the pandemic. Over the past two years, has evolved to become a great medium that connects new as well as well-settled immigrants and helps them grow both personally as well as professionally. Together, we have made our community bigger, stronger and prosperous.

Established by Ritika Garg, a registered pharmacy technician, and her husband Amit Garg, a well-established entrepreneur who has been instrumental in successfully forming a Toronto Indians Group ( on Facebook and WhatsApp. Our network/group now has a total membership of approx. 125,000+ members under different banners. It is playing a great role in keeping the community up to date and well informed in various areas of services/contacts in Ontario, by providing a platform to share references for coaching classes, best deals, mechanics, electricians, plumber, provide travel assistance and answer day-to-day queries.

Amit have additional business lines as IT company with clients like CRA, Services platform (, Immigrant platform (,, Consultancy platform (, Charity projects (, Environment projects (, Corporate trading portfolio (, Corporate real estate portfolio (

After the successful completion of online dancing and cooking competitions for children in the past, we are now looking forward to meeting everyone in our first ever multicultural event “FAMILY FEST'' on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the (Palacio Event Centre in Mississauga).

A day full of unlimited fun with lots of food, music, dance, and fashion show for all age groups. It's the perfect opportunity for the like-minded people from all around Ontario to come together to deepen connections and explore the potential job openings, business opportunities along with showcasing their inborn talent.

Your support in strengthening our community with your participation will be much appreciated . Join our group “Toronto Indian” on facebook and seek free guidance from the members who are always willing to help you with their experience and contacts, wherever possible. (

Last but not the least, we would like to offer our gratitude to all those who have attended our event in the past and will be looking forward to your constant love and support in the future as well. Be ready to learn and share each other's experiences and have a flourishing future in Canada – a land of opportunities.

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